CV Writing Service

Your CV is your opportunity to sell yourself to a potential employer.  It’s your own personal advertisement.

I have significant experience the other side of the recruitment desk and have worked on countless recruitment campaigns in many different industries and have built up expertise and an understanding of what employers are really looking for in a CV (and what could make them drop your CV into the recycle bin).  Allow me to share that experience with you to secure you that all important interview.

I've worked with people in a diverse range of industries and at different stages of their careers, from new graduates with no CV to senior managers and executives with many years experience.

We start with a telephone consultation to go through your existing CV if you have one and uncover all of your skills, experience and achievements.  I will then produce a personalised, professional CV focused specifically on the role you wish to apply for, even if this is in a different direction than you have been working in previously.  The telephone consultation is a vital part of the process , it means I get to know a little about you and your personality to reflect that into your CV; it is after all a  snap shot of you, not only your career.

The cost for this service is £75.00