5 things you can do to feel better if you hate your job but can't leave...Yet.

You're feeling miserable, uninspired and frustrated at work. You know something has to change, maybe you’re thinking of exploring a major career change and as much as you’d love to hand your notice in, you’re simply not in a position to do so yet. So, how do you stop yourself going mental and becoming depressed, how can you find the scraps of joy in what you are doing now?

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Become Captain of Your Own Career

“No one is coming to get you”

I am a big Mel Robbins fan and I love this quote from her.

It’s absolutely true, no one is going to take responsibility for your life or your career. It’s down to you to steer yourself in the direction you want to go in, to become the captain of your own ship.

When was the last time you took stock of where you are and where you’re going next?

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What if.....

In Mel Robbins book - “Stop Saying You’re Fine” she talks about this stock response to the question “how are you feeling?” - “I’m fine thanks, how are you?” Is that how life feels - fine, ok, could be worse? Do you really not want it to be so much better than fine? What if it could be incredible, amazing, fulfilling and everything you every dreamed of.

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Job Search Tips When You Are Short On Time

We’re all busy, I get it.  Looking for a new job when there's not the urgency of having lost one can sometimes drop the job search down the list of things to do and before you know it, another month has gone by and you're still in the same job with the same routine having done nothing.   Read my top tips for taking action to job search when you're short on time.  

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