COMING SOON: The complete job search companion. Complete online and in your own time, the course covers everything you’ll need to prepare for and execute a successful job search. Covers:

  • How to decide what to apply for.

  • Preparing a killer CV that gets you noticed.

  • Using LinkedIn for job hunting and uncovering those hidden jobs.

  • How to plan and execute a successful job search.

  • How to stay resilient and positive during your job search.

  • Planning for and interviewing with confidence.

The Job Search Toolkit: Find and land your dream job, simply and quickly

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The course will be available to buy as one complete course for £150.00, or you can purchase any of the 6 individual modules for £29.00 each. Register here and you’ll be contacted as soon as the course is available. You’ll also receive 20% off the price of the full course.

LinkedIn for Job Hunting


This course covers how to make your your LinkedIn profile look amazing and appeal to recruiters and potential employers alike; in it I share my own experience as a recruiter using LinkedIn and insights from LinkedIn itself. The course also covers how to use LinkedIn as a tool to uncover some of those hidden jobs - the estimated 60 - 80% of jobs that never make it onto a jobs board or to a recruitment agency.

Self study, over the course of 6 days, you’ll receive 6 emails each with a PDF to keep, a short video and a task or activity to complete on your profile which shouldn’t take you more than around 15 - 20 minutes. The intention is that at the end of the week, you’ll have a great profile and know how to use it.