What if.....

Do you know what the one, single thing that has the biggest impact on your happiness?


In Mel Robbins book - “Stop Saying You’re Fine” she talks about this stock response to the question “how are you feeling?” - “I’m fine thanks, how are you?” Is that how life feels - fine, ok, could be worse? Do you really not want it to be so much better than fine? What if it could be incredible, amazing, fulfilling and everything you every dreamed of.

Is there something you’ve always wanted to do and you’re sure you’ll get to it one day? Sure, when the children are older, once you’ve paid off your credit card, once you’ve moved house? Are you just unsure what else you could be doing, but have begun asking - is this it?

What’s stopping you taking action towards your dream? What’s stopping you starting to understand what it is you’d really like to do? If you’re resisting making changes to your career or in your life because it feels a bit scary or you saying to yourself, what if I fail. Ask yourself instead, what if I succeed, what if I don’t even try? How does that feel?

If you look back over your life at some of your proudest achievements, how many of them were actually pretty uncomfortable while you were in the midst of them - you may have overcome challenges that felt huge but looking back, you’re so proud of yourself that you achieved them. Pushing yourself out of your comfort zone feels uncomfortable, but that’s the only way to grow and to change.

Why not take some action today, to move towards your dream or your goal. It doesn’t have to be something huge, but one small step towards it, is one small step closer to achieving it.

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