The popularity of meditation is increasing as more people discover its benefits.

Regular meditation is linked to reduced levels of stress and anxiety, increased clarity and mental focus, improved sleep quality, a more positive outlook and increased overall wellbeing.

I offer workplace meditation sessions in Ipswich; I can come into your workplace and offer regular, short, guided meditation sessions for your team, in groups, to allow them to access all of these benefits during the course of the working day, returning to work refreshed and relaxed. Please contact me at hello@amandaparadine.com or call me on 07803 420080 to discuss your organisation and discover how it could benefit your employees.

Amanda ran a series of short meditation sessions in the office for both beginners and those already experienced in meditation. As a newbie to meditation I was very surprised that with a simple and short technique so much could be achieved. I work in a high-activity and stressful business and the sense of well-being and calmness following each session were very welcome experiences” - Ian , Head of Service Management, KCOM

“I regularly attended Amanda's weekly meditation sessions supplied by my employer, KCOM. While I was initially apprehensive about joining these in a work setting, alongside my colleagues, I found it was highly beneficial and brought us all closer together. I found the sessions decreased any stress that had built up throughout the day and increased my energy levels enabling me to return to my job at full capacity and speed. I found the experience enjoyable and would recommend to anyone living in a high-pressure world” - Jason, AWS Architect, KCOM